NewsTrack Post 5: Spotlight Wins an Oscar and The Guardian – London Remains Indifferent

Updated 2.29.16

Journalism is one of the most influential and powerful institutions on the planet. So when Spotlight won the Oscar for Best Picture, it was a huge victory not just for the film, but for journalism as well. Journalists are there to tell life’s untold stories and is the main bridge between readers and the world. It was truly a monumental day not just in America, but across the entire planet.

Meanwhile, across the pond on Monday morning, readers and subscribers of The Guardian – London, one of UK’s most reputable news organizations, read about how fire crews trained for emergencies and about floating solar farms. Not one word was mentioned about Spotlight winning an Oscar. In fact, the award show itself wasn’t even given a story.

Twitter followers of the The Guardian’s UK News section remained in the dark…as they have for 714 days. That’s how long it’s been since the site tweeted.

The United States section of The Guardian’s website had plenty of Oscar coverage and it was very comprehensive, but it was appalling not to see any hint of care from the UK website.

Guardian 2-29

It’s unfortunate that The Guardian – London doesn’t share more American news. Even though it’s readers and the site are more concerned with what happens in the city of London, events in America have an effect on the United Kingdom as well.

Although the Oscars might not have as profound an effect as a presidential campaign, the same movies are shown in England and British film fans still focus on the American awards shows just as Americans focus on the UK’s. It’s rare to see any U.S. news on The Guardian – London anymore, and frankly, it’s unbelievabl

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