NewsTrack Post 4: How The Guardian – London Uses Video

Updated 2.23.16

Online Journalism has its advantages over traditional journalism in that you can use multiple forms of media to tell a story. One way many media outlets are turning to for sharing a story is video. The Guardian – London uses video frequently to deliver the news.

One recent story that used video was about London Mayor Boris Johnson’s father talking with BBC about his son’s decision to back Brexit as an attempt to increase his chances of becoming prime minister. The story was a way to tease a BBC Radio Interview along with two other articles about the situations.

By using video of the most important line in the interview, not only did The Guardian draw an audience for that particular story, but for the other two articles linked to the description and the interview itself. This story is effective in getting the message across.

One story that probably would have been more effective with video is a feature entitled What Really Goes on in The City of London. By utilizing video, it would have been better at showing readers what does happen in London. The feature itself is very well written and was published with a separate photo gallery. However, instead of photos, video could have been much more effective than still pictures.

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