Government Story

By Dan Shulman

This past week, the Senate Intelligence Committee continued its probe into investigating Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.

Although Donald Trump ultimately won the election, votes in many of America’s major cities, especially Boston, were vastly in favor of other candidates. The Fenway neighborhood was one of Trump’s worst showings, with the Republican winning just 9.54% of the vote in that ward.

Several constituents in the area already were unhappy with the results of the election. Now, with the scandal of election tampering coming to light, some Bostonians are bitter about the whole situation.

“I’m upset about it because it makes me feel like my voice wasn’t heard,” said Maureen Bennett, who voted for Clinton in November. “It’s as if my vote never counted.

“It doesn’t matter because this isn’t what I asked for and now it turns out it may have been tampered with.”

While waiting at the Kenmore Square bus stop, Rita Brown, also a Democrat, said she didn’t think it was fair that “Trump has gotten away with it.”

“It seems obvious to me that he tampered with the results, and now people who had nothing to do with it have to deal with the consequences,” Brown said.

Then, there are Republicans in Boston who feel as if the President is simply being targeted.

“I feel like the media is just accusing people before evidence is presented,” said Andrew Carlson, who voted for Trump???. “That’s leading to the case, not facts.”

Carlson, who is registered as an independent was waiting for the bus to take him back to his apartment in Longwood, said he is unsure of past election results given the election tampering. The situation rings alarm bells, Carlson said, and now he is unsure of past election results.

“I’m concerned about our national security,” he said. “Who’s to say this hasn’t happened before? We need to ramp up security.”

Some members of the Libertarian Party who live in Fenway also said they are disappointed with the election and the president.

Although Gary Johnson collected a paltry 3.37% of the vote in the Fenway neighborhood, some, like Massachusetts College of Pharmacy student Alicia Hackett, feel his platform was run with more integrity than both Clinton and Trump.

“Does America really seem great now?” said Hackett, a student at the College of Pharmacy.

“As far as [election tampering] goes, it’s sketchy and a breach of justice not to investigate,” she said. “It sure sounds like Comey has a lot more evidence to back up his story than Trump.”

Not only has the election come under scrutiny from disgruntled voters, but the way the situation is being handled now also has incited anger.

“This whole thing is being handled poorly,” Bennett said. “Trump is still President and until then; it’s not being handled right.”

Some Boston voters like Rita Brown are convinced that this investigation was inadequate yet remain unsure of the perfect solution.

Hackett, meanwhile, was quick to point out other inconsistencies about Trump.

“Let’s talk about the [expletive] he’s spewing about cutting off ties with Cuba because they’re communist,” she said. “But Russia is still his best friend — Russia is literally going through scandal now for oppressing in so many ways”

Regardless of political orientation, many said they think that some form of punishment must be given to anyone found responsible for the tampering.

“If someone knew about it they should be punished,” Carlson said. “Just because it was in Trump’s favor doesn’t mean he should be punished if he didn’t know about it.”

As the investigation presses on, many in the largely Democratic community in Fenway said they feel despair.

“I really hope there are changes,” Bennett said. “I’m still worried about what happen.

“I just don’t have any faith that whatever happens will be good.”

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