Court Story

By Dan Shulman

BOSTON — The cross-examination of Rachelle Bond finished Wednesday in Suffolk County Superior Court as she continued to provide a testimony against her ex-boyfriend Michael McCarthy, accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter Bella back in 2015.

Bond has been on the stand since Friday when Defense Attorney Jonathan Shapiro began questioning Bond about her account of the murder. She is the prosecution’s main witness in the trial where McCarthy pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

The trial proceeded around 10 a.m. this morning with the latest round of questioning. Bond reaffirmed her account, on several occasions, that McCarthy was the one who killed Bella.

“Michael McCarthy killed my daughter,” she said in tears as the defense completed questioning.

Bond admitted her guilt as an accessory to murder after the fact in a plea arrangement with the prosecution. She said she was sorry and ashamed for not calling 911 and is taking responsibility for her actions. She also described her emotional state about possibly being released from jail if McCarthy is found guilty.

“I’m anxious about it,” she said. “I have nothing to go back to.”

As a term of her plea deal, Bond will be released from jail for time served and will get an additional two years of probation if McCarthy is found guilty. Shapiro wrapped up questioning around noon Wednesday in a heated exchange with Bond where he stated there was an incentive for her to testify in favor of the prosecution.

In response, Bond simply stated that the prosecution wanted her to tell the truth.

If McCarthy is found not guilty, Bond will be subject to additional sentencing for her crimes as well as perjury, according to Shapiro.

“Are you aware that perjury during a murder trial carries a maximum sentence of life in prison?” Shapiro asked.

But Bond said she was unaware and appeared to be shaken by the question.

Shapiro introduced several new pieces of evidence during Wednesday’s hearing, including comments Bond posted on Facebook before she met McCarthy.

One from March 2014: “I’m the kind of friend who will help you hide a dead body. But if you betray me just remember I know how to hide a dead body.”

Shapiro also read text messages between Bond and McCarthy from June to September of 2015. Bella Bond’s body was discovered on June 25, 2015 on Deer Island.

In messages after Bella’s death, Bond continued to address McCarthy as “hon” and would often say “I love you” in texts.

In one message from July 2015, McCarthy told Bond not to mention anything about her daughter while in housing court. The text exchange occurred after Bella’s body was found.

In addition to accessory charges, Rachelle Bond is facing charges of larceny. According to Shapiro, Bond continued to collect benefits from the state after her child was dead.

Shapiro went on to cite several of Bond’s journal entries. Bond claimed she wrote some of her own thoughts along with McCarthy’s conspiracy beliefs.

“Mike said he would have epiphanies,” Bond said. “His beliefs, you almost get caught up in them; apparently I started to.

“It’s crazy now. I can’t take those mistakes back.”

In a report from Rachelle Bond’s September 2015 therapist appointment, which  Shapiro admitted as evidence, Bond told her therapist she believed there was a dark shadow around her.

“I believed in spiritual things before I met Michael,” Bond said. “I believed there was a huge shadow of negative energy following me.

“A lot of bad things happened in my life.”

The trial will continue on Thursday and is expected to carry into next week.

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