NewsTrack Post 6: Reaction to the Brussels Bombings from The Guardian – London

Updated 3.23.16

Following the horrific terrorist attacks at Zaventem Airport in Brussels, the media was ablaze with updates and stories about the bombings. On Tuesday morning, the top story perhaps all over the world was the Brussels Bombings. That is, except for The Guardian – London.

On Tuesday, the website published five stories, of which none concerned the attacks in the Belgian capital. With the safety and well-being of many Europeans in danger, the only thing readers of The Guardian – London found were stories about the housing price increase in the city, an obituary, and an update on the mayoral election.

How can such a respectable news organization not cover one of the biggest stories of the year?

Guardian 3-22

Well, it wasn’t until Wednesday when the first stories about the bombings began to be published. Two articles, in fact, were published discussing the violence in Belgium. One about how to see the events in a wider context and the other about a man being arrested on suspicion of involvement.

Both articles were very well written, but much too late to be considered relevant coverage. To make matter worse, the articles weren’t published at pique news times. One was published nine minutes before midnight, making it available for morning, but not for anyone to read it immediately.

Two compelling stories not only a day late, but published at the wrong time.

So far, after eight weeks of monitoring The Guardian – London, the one word I can use to describe its coverage of MAJOR events is Disappointing. However, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. It is a London-specific website, so although The Guardian had ample coverage, the London branch was not immediately affected by the tragedy.

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