NewsTrack Post 2: No Super Bowl Coverage by The Guardian – London

Updated 2.9.2016

For Londoners, sports have been an increasingly growing phenomenon. Football in England has been popular since the late 1800s when the first clubs were formed. That’s the real football. American football has recently poured into English interest, and with multiple games being played at London’s Wembley Stadium every year, the NFL is becoming big overseas.

So naturally, when the biggest football game of the season comes around, this would pique the interest of Londoners, right? Wrong.

The Guardian – London, in the week leading up to the Super Bowl had an alarming lack of coverage, publishing a total of zero sports stories over the week. Topics such as “London Cabs vs. Ubers” and “A Bus Explosion Staged for a Movie” got week-long popularity, but nothing was said about the Super Bowl.

On game day, when there should have been a preview story or something to tell Londoners about the Super Bowl, there was nothing related to the game on the dockett. The following Monday, there were no recaps, scores, highlights, or mentions of the game at all.

Guardian Feb 7-8

The lack of coverage from The Guardian – London was alarming and very disappointing. What might the reasons for the complete lack of coverage be?

Well, for starters, kickoff the Super Bowl was at 11:30 p.m. in London, much to late for any morning stories. There were no London links to players in the actual game. And finally, the website is more of a hard news outlet than a sports website.

Given all these reasons, it is still unbelievable that The Guardian – London had a lack of Super Bowl coverage. Especially when London-based band Coldplay was performing in the half-time show for the first time, premiering a song off their new album.

The Guardian – London had a disappointing week of coverage for the Super Bowl.

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