Hockey Beat Articles – Month of October


By: Daniel Shulman

  • Sloppy Passing

The Terriers were handily beaten at the hands of the NTDP on Friday night. Head Coach David Quinn described his teams play as “immature”. One of the biggest issues, prevalent in both games last weekend, was passing. Distribution of the puck was either poor, too casual, or led to an icing. The Terriers experienced a lot of indecisiveness when passing, and a lack of communication as well.

  • Getting Shots on Net

BU certainly had its chances to score plenty of goals last weekend, firing 89 shots on goal. However, not many of those shots were considered to be quality. Again, there was an issue of being too casual in possession of the puck, choosing to skate deeper into the zone rather than shoot, which led to turnovers in the offensive zone. When the Terriers did shoot, most of the time they were just bland wrist-shots right at the goalie. BU has done well this season to put pucks on net, but the quality of their shots must improve.

  • Special Teams

Despite going 1-for-7 on the power play Saturday, the Terriers displayed a potent power play, firing 21 shots while on the man advantage. The physical play improved tremendously from Friday to Saturday, as BU frustrated the Badgers to draw eight penalties. The Terriers also remained more disciplined Saturday, even with an increased physicality. The penalty kill held Wisconsin to just three shots on the Badgers three power plays.

  • Defensive Zone Breakdowns

Both nights saw BU allow goals off defensive zone breakdowns. More apparent on Friday night, the Terriers turned the puck over inside their defensive numerous times, three of which led to goals. There were also lapses in coverage on both nights, as often times opposing forwards would have the puck without a defender. Even with a defender, they opposition was easily skating around the protective defensemen. Finally, there was little to no defensive presence in front of the BU net. When Terrier goalies gave up a rebound, or a puck became loose in the crease, the BU defense was reluctant to scrap for the puck and when they did, it was lackadaisical at best.

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