2017-18 Stonehill College Broadcasts

Dan was hired as a broadcaster by Stonehill Athletics in August of 2017. He appears on broadcast for Skyhawks Vision doing sports such as men’s and women’s soccer, field hockey, ice hockey (coming Winter), baseball (coming Spring), and softball (coming Spring.) Listen to his games HERE. Dan’s highlights can be heard below.

September 7, 2017: Men’s Soccer vs. Roberts Wesleyan

September 17, 2017: Field Hockey vs. New Haven . . . FULL GAME

September 23, 2017: Field Hockey vs. Southern Connecticut State

September 30, 2017: Field Hockey vs. Adelphi . . . FULL GAME

October 14, 2017: Women’s Soccer vs. Adelphi . . . FULL GAME

October 14, 2017: Men’s Soccer vs. St. Michael’s . . . FULL GAME

October 18, 2017: Field Hockey vs. Merrimack

October 19, 2017: Women’s Soccer vs. American International . . . FULL GAME

October 21, 2017: Field Hockey vs. Pace

October 24, 2017: Field Hockey vs. St. Anselm’s

January 12, 2018: Men’s Ice Hockey vs. St. Anselm’s

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